The sport hall for weight lifting “Slavia” brings together Dany (23), Shkafa/(The Cabinet – direct translation) (23), The Sister (20) and The Hive (24). Dany is prepping to be a world champion. Shkafa is training while helping his father – the Coach. The sister is working in the cafeteria and the Hive is working mostly on himself other than weightlifting.

The relationships in the group are about to change when Gery (22), who is Shafa and The Sister’s cousin comes to Sofia from Plovdiv. Gery has just gotten out of a love drama and decides to stay for a while. She is in total dissonance with the people from the sport hall but tries really hard to blend in.

Director and Producer

October, 2018

Short web and tv 10 series

over 300 000 views

Broadcast on BNT \ \ noblinkbg

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Slavena Zaykova


Rada Kairykova


Aleksandar Aleksiev


Georgi Gotsin


Hristo Stefanov


Yana Titova and Lora kadurina


Georgi Chelebiev


Kalina Chelebieva

Art director

Bohós Topakbashian


Nadejda Tsvetkova

Executive Producer

Simona Georgieva

1st AD

Georgi Djulgerov

Artistic director

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