NO BLINK | Pictures \ 2022

Bringing motion picture dreams to reality

A collective of film-makers, artists and producers passionately in love with the power, beauty and magic of visual storytelling – our production company matches a specific, dedicated crew to each project depending on its theme, scope, and objectives.

Our recipe for the end product success – no dream is too big when the team on board is the right one.

Producer and Managing Partner


Aleksandar Aleksiev

Producer and Managing Partner

Borislav Borislavov

Producer and Managing Partner

Other Projects

Campaign Against “War on the Roads”

National campaign THERE IS NO SECOND DOUBLE IN LIFE 2024 Campaign Against “War on the Roads” inspired by the film

Love you \ 2021​

Love you 2021 What are you ready to do to win the girl of your dreams? Would you jump off

КИНОlove \ 2016 – 2019

КИНОlove “КИНОlove” is a series of screenings which aim to help short films reach more viewers in cinemas from all

NO BLINK show 2018 – 2019

NO BLINK show Web movie talk show. Creative Producer and Director December,  2018 Play Video Team Dragomir Simeonov Host Andrea