NO BLINK | Group \ 2022

Group of companies in movie production and film distribution based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Providing a full range of services in creating and promoting quality titles that inspire, connect and provoke.

With more than 25 films produced, a number of movies distributed, operating the biggest streaming platform in the region, and venturing local digital media dedicated to art and cinema.

Founded and managed by a team of top professionals, developed by talented experts and a wide portfolio of partners.

Combining a sustainable approach to business with passion for art which does not allow you to even blink – NO BLINK.

Producer and Managing Partner


Aleksandar Aleksiev

Producer and Managing Partner

Borislav Borislavov

Producer and Managing Partner

Other Projects

Love you \ 2021​

Love you 2021 What are you ready to do to win the girl of your dreams? Would you jump off

КИНОlove \ 2016 – 2019

КИНОlove “КИНОlove” is a series of screenings which aim to help short films reach more viewers in cinemas from all

NO BLINK show 2018 – 2019

NO BLINK show Web movie talk show. Creative Producer and Director December,  2018 Play Video Team Dragomir Simeonov Host Andrea

Weightlifters \ 2018

Weightlifters 2018 The sport hall for weight lifting “Slavia” brings together Dany (23), Shkafa/(The Cabinet – direct translation) (23), The